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In our society today, love is most often described as a feeling. Because we believe that’s all love is, we often run from relationship to relationship, looking to renew that feeling. While love may be just an emotion at first, it is not consistent. Just like our thoughts, beliefs, and bodies, love changes over time. If we run from one relationship to another looking for the same feeling, then we lose the true beauty of mature and lasting love. Consequently, we miss the opportunities to grow and improve the relationships that we maintain with ourselves and with others.

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Faith-Based Counseling

When life gets tough, sometimes our spiritual life suffers. If your faith is important to you, it is also important for it to be a part of your healing process. You’ve probably already come to find out that all of your problems can’t be solved by reading your Bible and praying more. Let us help you make sense of God’s plan in the midst of your struggles. Since all Truth is God’s Truth, we can point out ways that Scripture confirms Psychology and help you come up with a plan for expressing your emotions and handling life’s struggles in a way that honors God.  Whether you’re searching for Christian counseling or want advice that incorporates a spiritual perspective, you can count on the team and senior Pastors at Destiny CityChurch to address both your emotional and spiritual concerns.

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No matter what type of mental health services you need, you will get high-quality attention from our ONE On ONE with Benny & Elisha Daniels. We will address your specific concerns and help you meet your therapy goals to achieve improved overall mental health.

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My passion is helping people resolve the issues that hinder their self-growth and the growth of their relationships. Please know that, throughout your counseling, you are the leader and I am your resource. I want you to take full responsibility for what you want to change and work at a pace that is truly your own. If you’re ready to explore these issues and would like to set an appointment, then call our office in Primrose, today at 068-078-8045, or complete the form for appointment.